Geek Army Knife #9 – breaking down silos with Toby Moores

Geek Army Knife #9 is up – this time we have talked to Toby Moores of sleepydog. We talk about Social Gaming the impact of it, and what effect it has on society Click here to download the Geek Army Knife #9.

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Geek Army Knife #8 – is business tired of social ? – with Euan Semple

In episode 8, we talked to  Social Computing consultant (or as he says himself in the podcast “organizational anarchist”) Euan Semple about Social computing in a business context. I will leave you with two quotes from the podcast that I found really interesting: “Is the internet a good or a bad thing ? – it’s […]


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A podcast about any geeky subject that comes to mind. Made by a stunning nordic red head and a mediterranean hunk. Separated by a few thousand kilometers, joined by VoIP: the world really is flat. The Podcast Is consisting of a conversation with a person – ( any person really that can help us make this really useful) – which often results in a lot of giggles and a couple of really good tips about web and geek and army knifes…the baton part of the podcasts travels as a meme, so if a person who has starred our show recommend us to talk to anyone – we make a baton episode!otherwise we talk to people who we think could say something meaningful to the wonderful world of geek army knife

The team


Henriette Weber was born in Helsingør, Denmark, more than 20 ( but less than 30 ) years ago and have always had a very hard time compromising herself to any extend. She has a background in various communities ( especially in music, IT, females and theater) starting from having been a catalysator to – whereas she now focuses on freelancing and her own projects at Toothless Tiger. She works  with social marketing and branding. She has a reputation of being one of the IT underground queens of the world – when it comes to networks, marketing and no more business as usual.


Duarte Velez Grilo was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1980. Since then, he grew up a bit. He’s trying to finish his never ending software engineering course, with relative success. He’s currently globe trotting the world, helping your mobile service provider charge you better. He also claims to be the first podcaster in Portugal, which we hope will help this podcast. He’s done a bit of everything, from construction work to roadie in an obscure electro-rock concert.

About the intro (and outro) music
Our theme song is called “Fanki Manki” from the album “SPIONEK“, played by Funk Off.