Geek Army Knife #6 – “what Orwell didn’t predict” – with Sanjay Khanna

So Sanjay of Khanna Research was our mystery person to be interviewed for the Geek Army Knife #6. He met Stephanie and Bryan Rieger in Vancouver after he had worked with Nokia writing a thought paper on the future of play. The connection they shared was a mutual interest in mobile games. In the paper for Nokia, Sanjay talked about stress and anxiety increasing. As a response, the Nokia team commissioned Future Platforms in United Kingdom to develop a mobile toy called “Twitchr”. Twitchr is a casual game that Sanjay thinks is quite calming to play.

The reason this podcast episode is called “what Orwell didn’t predict” is that Mr. Orwell forgot to predict the rise of business/marketing/PR in his essay called “politics and the english language”.

Which is what is changing the world so drastically these days – Sanjay also comes with the notion that we will be having a reversal of stereotypes – which is quite interesting stuff =) – We talk about sustainability, economical resources and nothing less than the future of the world.


Sanjays blogpost about calm technologies

Video about “the long emergency”

George Orwells essay on “politics and the english language” from 1946

James Hansen page on Wikipedia

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